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In manufacturing, this includes all units of a product produced under the same conditions (date, raw materials, methods, etc). A batch or lot number is created to track these units. This allows traceability in case there are quality problems.

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Bioequivalent Allergy Unit. A potency unit used by the FDA in the U.S. for standardized allergenic extracts. The potency values were derived by skin testing patients allergic to the extract in question at different concentrations. Reference standards were created by the FDA for use in extract manufacturers' laboratories. With new manufactured lots of the same extract, a BAU value is assigned based on how it compares to the FDA's reference standard. If the lot is outside the accepted range of this standard, it must be rejected.

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The initial dosing phase in immunotherapy where the patient is gradually exposed to increasing concentrations of allergenic extract. The goal is to reach the maintenance phase, which is the highest tolerated dose.