Glossary beginning with S

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serum search for term

An outdated term for allergenic extracts. In other medical fields, serum refers to blood products, specifically the liquid portion of whole blood, with cellular components and clotting factors removed.

skin prick test search for term

Testing the patient's allergic response to different allergens by superficially pricking or scratching the skin's surface. If the patient produces an inflammatory response (e.g. Wheal and Flare) then the patient can be diagnosed as having an IgE allergy to that allergen. Also called Percutaneous Test.

stability search for term

The ability of an allergenic extract to retain its original properties and potency. Stability determines the expiration date of the extract.

standardized search for term

An extract that has approved methods for measuring and assigning potency based on an FDA standard reference. These are labeled in Bioequivalent Allergy Units (BAU) or Allergy Units (AU).

systemic reaction search for term

An adverse reaction to an allergen that affects more than the site of administration, typically the entire body (system). Examples include Urticaria (hives) and Anaphylaxis.