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Note to the Allergy Specialist

The objective of Extractopedia is to assist you in understanding allergenic extracts and how they are commonly used for both skin testing and in the preparation of treatment vials for subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT).

To those who have prior experience with allergenic extracts, many of the elements on this site may seem to be review.  However, we have found that the handling of allergenic extracts and the procedures for mixing treatment vials can differ considerably from practice to practice.

Additionally, allergy training programs in North America have adopted various protocols and procedures for handling and mixing extracts. Given the reality of these differences in training, every effort should be made to promote consistency in  the allergy practice.

Some sections within this site may refer to supplemental documents or information available from the website host or through outside organizations.

Practice Support

Please feel free to encourage others in your practice to explore the information on this website. In particular, anyone in your practice who handles allergenic extracts in any way (e.g. ordering, storing, and/or mixing) should become familiar with certain sections. It may also be helpful to refer to this certain sections when developing training programs for your staff or specific policies and procedures for your medical practice.

Additional Resources

Visit the ALK website to view on-demand resources, such as our free webinars on various topics that may be of interest to your practice.

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If you believe that a topic has been overlooked, please click on Suggest a Topic from the home page and send us your suggestions.  We want this site to be a resource to our customers and will tailor its content based on user feedback.